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Things you need to know

2018/19 Budget Update : The Government handed down the 2018/19 Federal Budget on Tuesday 8th May 2018.

2017-18 Budget Update : The Government handed down the 2017/18 Federal Budget on Tuesday 9th May 2017.

2016-2017 Budget Update : Changes effective 7.30pm (AEST) Budget night 3rd May 2016

2015-2016 Budget Update : Changes effective 7.30pm (AEST) Budget night 12th May 2015

NTAA Newsletter No.2 : Claiming deductions for personal super contributions

A taxpayer must satisfy the ‘10% rule’ before they are entitled to claim a deduction for any of their personal superannuation contributions.

NTAA Advice: Retirement not according to plan

A recent survey performed by HSBC has painted a relatively bleak picture of retirement for Australians. The 16,000 person global study included responses from 1,000 Australians (just over 6% of the total sample) in which it found:

  • 40 % find their income at retirement drops by half:
  • only 60% regard their retirement income as adequate; and
  • one in six working Australians believes he or she will never be in a position to fully retire.

Common mistakes made by the Coffee Shop industry:
The ATO has been reviewing records kept by businesses in the Coffee Shops industry for the past two years and would like to share some of the common mistakes they found. This may help you avoid making the same mistakes and meet your tax obligations.